02 November 2012

Uninstalling Adobe CS3 Applications

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Here is a script that silently uninstalls most all of the Adobe CS3 applications and suites. This same script can be run on all CS3 apps. In order to use this, it has to be in the root directory of the Adobe application installation directories.

NOTE: Flash Professional and Dreamweaver do not have the Deployment subdirectory containing the uninstall.xml file. The XML files are in the root installation directory. For those, remove deployment\ from line 43. Acrobat and Photoshop Elements can both be uninstalled using a simple msiexec.exe /x command.

You can download the script from here.

 '      Author: Mick Pletcher  
 '        Date: 02 November 2012  
 '    Modified:   
 '     Program: Adobe Design Standard CS3 Uninstaller  
 '     Version:   
 ' Description: This will uninstall Design Standard CS3  
 Option Explicit  

 REM Define Global Variables  
 DIM RelativePath : Set RelativePath = Nothing  

 REM Define the relative installation path  
 REM Install   
 REM Cleanup Global Variables  


 Sub DefineRelativePath()  

      REM Get File Name with full relative path  
      RelativePath = WScript.ScriptFullName  
      REM Remove file name, leaving relative path only  
      RelativePath = Left(RelativePath, InStrRev(RelativePath, "\"))  

 End Sub  


 Sub Uninstall()  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM oShell : SET oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")  

      REM Define Local Variables  
      DIM Uninstall : Uninstall = RelativePath & "setup.exe" & Chr(32) & "--mode=silent --deploymentFile=" &_  
                                  RelativePath & "deployment\uninstall.xml --skipProcessCheck=1"  

      oShell.Run Uninstall, 1, True  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set Uninstall = Nothing  
      Set oShell    = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub GlobalVariableCleanup()  

      Set RelativePath = Nothing  

 End Sub  

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