30 April 2013

How to stop those annoying Charter Communications Telemarketers

Posted By: Mick Pletcher - 10:33 AM


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As a Charter customer, it's very annoying to be constantly bombarded by telemarketing calls. Charter is relentless. No matter how much you ask them not to call you, they will continue and the reps are very aggressive. They are exempt from the National Do Not Call Registry because there is a business/customer relationship. At one point, I was contacted 16 times within two weeks from their 909-259-0292 number. They do change up the number that appears on the caller ID. Sometimes I have gotten their 404 area code. 

Their website now has a privacy page that allows you to opt out of all marketing calls. Go to http://Charter.com. At the bottom, click on Your Privacy Rights.

Once the next screen comes up, click on Privacy Preferences. 

Now that you are on this page, fill out all of the fields. You will need your account number. At the bottom, select All of the above. Click submit and you should not receive any further harassing calls from them.

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  1. It is not really hard to stop those annoying telemarketer as an call center agent in Finland i suggest to put down that phone and let the telemarketer talk and say the you are not interested and that is the best way to stop them annoying you.

  2. I am an Internet only customer of Charter's, and I had been getting sales calls three times a day for over a year. I had asked several times to be removed from the calling list, but they never listened. I started adding their number to my auto reject list, but each time I did that, the reps would just start calling from a different number. When I did answer and tell the sales reps I was not interested in other services, they were very pushy and sometimes rude. I live in a rural area with no other comparable ISP choice, so I had just been putting up with this harassment. A week ago, I found this blog and filled out the form to request that they stop contacting me. So far so good. Your instructions made the form easy to find. Thank you for this information!

  3. I am glad it is working for you. I am also an internet only customer and they are very annoying.

  4. Take the time to listen to what these people have to say! I was a tv only subscriber and they kept calling me. Finally I answered and talked to a young lady who told me about their internet. I was paying almost 70 dollars a month for internet with at&t and switched to charter internet..never realized their internet speeds were that fast and the girl gave me a good deal. Saving me a ton of money. Sometimes its worth the 5 mins to take out of your busy schedule to chat with these people.

  5. ^That is exactly how much they charge ($70) a month no savings charter is the most expensive. They use the low Intro to get you which isn't out of the ordinary to increase 12 months later but they increase it more than triple and continue to increase with no warning. I was paying 19 a month then 29 then 59 and now 70. They call daily to sell me products but when you call them to give you a better price on just the product you already have they won't even listen just try to sell you more products also. This is by far the worst company I have had to deal with who do not listen to their customers request of a simple "do not call me anymore."

  6. Thanks for such a wonderful post. I've found more useful information on this topic here Telemarketing.

  7. I too am an internet only customer. I began as an internet only customer, then added their cable service, but recently removed cable as I was not happy with it. The calls are outright harassment. I have tried everything from killing them with kindness to outright hanging up on them in the middle of their sales pitch, much to no avail. So happy I found this website. I just changed my privacy settings and hope to be rid of these annoying calls soon!

  8. Thank you! Can not believe there is such a way to really get rid of it!

  9. As of 12/20/2016 this method is not working for me. When I fill out the form, I get the following error: "We’re sorry, your request can not be processed at this time. Please come back and try again later. If the problem persists please call us at 1-888-GET-CHARTER if you'd prefer to speak with a Charter Communications representative."

    How convenient for them.

  10. I am getting a error with it. Figures


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