27 March 2012

Staying Connected to the World for the Remote Outdoorsman

After a lot of thought on staying connected while adventuring through distant,remote outdoors, I finally pieced together the ultimate way to stay connected for just $81 per month. I have gotten my setup perfected and love it. It takes a little geekness, but in the end, you will never be out of contact with the urban world. This will consist of 4 types of connections to make sure you are always connected: WiFi, GSM, CDMA, and Satellite. GSM is a world-wide cellular network, while CDMA is mainly in the United States.

In order to get this setup, you will need to do the following:
  1. Purchase an unlocked GSM iPhone or Android
  2. Purchase a SPOT Connect to pair with the smart phone
  3. Purchase a CDMA MiFi hot spot (5 GB limit)
  4. Open an account with Line2 VoIP service (Unlimited Calls and Texts)
  5. Purchase an AT&T GoPhone SIM off of eBay
  6. Purchase a really old i series Motorola phone, such as an i290 if you intend to use an iPhone
  7. Setup the GoPhone cell plan with AT&T. I have it detailed on how to set this up here.
Now that you have completed these steps, you can download the Line2 and SPOT Connect apps for the phone. The AT&T service is activated, SPOT Connect is registered, and the Verizon MiFi device is up and running. This makes the phone do it's primary communications through the MiFi device over IP, using Line2 as the principal phone, but when you want or need to use the GSM cell service due to say no CDMA signal, the GoPhone plan is there to activate at any point. NOTE: You can continue to use the Line2 across the GSM service instead of having to use the integrated cell phone software. You just need to make sure Use 3G VoIP is enabled in the Line2 app for this to work.

Here is a cost breakdown:

Service Cost
Verizon MiFi $50
Line2 $9.95
SPOT Connect $12
GoPhone Prepaid $4
GoCare Insurance $4.92
Total $80.87


  1. " 6. Purchase a really old i series Motorola phone, such as an i290 if you intend to use an iPhone"

    Why? Your talking about a iden phone from Nextel/Boostmobile. What are you using it for? it will not work with any sims other than a iden network?

    1. You must have one of those phones in order to get the IMEI number off of it to associate with the SIM card that you will register with AT&T. AT&T will then see the iPhone as an i290. The reason you have to do this is because AT&T does not allow for pay-as-you-go service for the iPhone.