30 May 2012

Cannot Install .NET Framework 4 Updates and Security Updates

If you are seeing a backlog of security packs and updates pertaining to .NET Framework 4 due to an Unknown error during the Windows Updates, then this just might fix your issue like it did mine. This was caused by the corruption of both Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended. Neither can be uninstalled because they are both corrupted. If you try to uninstall the Extended, it will show that it was uninstalled, but it does not disappear in the add/remove programs. That is why it has to be repaired. Once they are repaired, there is no need to uninstall either. In order to fix the issue, you will first have to do the following steps in the exact order:

  1. Repair the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended from the Programs and Features
  2. Repair the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile from the Programs and Features
  3. Under Services, stop the Windows Update service
  4. Delete all of the contents in the c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution folder
  5. Under Services, start the Windows Update service
  6. Reboot the PC
  7. Rerun the Windows Updates