25 June 2012

Enable/Disable Offline Files

Here is a VBScript that will either enable or disable offline files. It can also be done as a policy by modifying the registry key listed below, or through a group policy.

You can download the registry key below from here.

Policy Registry key for disabling offline files. Change the 00000001 to 00000000 to enable.
 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00  

VBScipt that enables/disables the Offline File Cache
 '     Program: Install.vbs  
 '      Author: Mick Pletcher  
 '        Date: 25 June 2012  
 '    Modified:   
 ' Description: This will enable or disable the Offline File Cache  
 '                 1) Set Offline File Cache  
 Option Explicit  

 REM Set Offline File Cache   

 Sub SetOfflineFileCache()  

      REM Define Local Constants  
      CONST Disable = "False"  
      CONST Enable  = "True"  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM oShell : SET oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")  

      REM Define Local Variables  
      ' Change the variable at the end of the Install Variable to either Enable or Disable  
      DIM Install : Install = "wmic path win32_offlinefilescache call enable" & Chr(32) & Disable  

      oShell.Run Install, 1, True  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set Install = Nothing  
      Set oShell  = Nothing  

 End Sub  


  1. Your registry location is wrong. You're missing the Windows subkey. It should be:


    1. Thanks for the catch. That is what I get when I am typing too fast. LOL!