07 October 2012

12v 4-pin Power Cable Shorts the Computer Out

If your computer is shorting out when you turn on the power button and you have narrowed the issue down to the short out occurring only when the 4-pin 12 volt power cable is connected, then most likely the issue is being caused by the CPU cooling device not being secured to the CPU. If this occurs, the motherboard will short out. To fix this, reseat the cooling device over the CPU. This may require you to also apply a new film of thermal paste for good contact.

In my case, my CPU is liquid cooled and the cooling channel had come loose. When I re-tightened the screws, the system powered right up with no issues. 


  1. 'cause i'm about to buy one of these and use in thermaltake v3 case, folders.exe in usb

  2. This is great thank you for taking the time to make these availible for the fine folks at HWC. They are beautiful and I intend to place an order for 2 120 Silver later this week, waiting on tax return,lol. This community bar none has the best people in the industry sculling about the Hardware