09 November 2012

SCCM Package Doesn't Update

You have a small package in SCCM that you needed to make a couple of lines of changes in the deployment script and it doesn't seem to update when you update the package in SCCM. This is because the changes are so minute that SCCM cannot detect any changes were made and therefor the package is not updated.

The best strategy when make small changes is to do the following:

  1. Remove the package from the distribution points
  2. Redistribute the package back to the distribution points
  3. Clear the CCM cache on all of the machines
  4. If you have already run the package on the machines, re-run it. The package will most likely fail on all of the machines.
  5. Update the distribution point one more time
  6. Rerun the package for the last time and it should not successfully deploy the package with the new updates



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