20 February 2013

iPad 1 Slowness after 5.1.1 Update

After the last update of iOS to 5.1.1, you have probably noticed that it slowed down drastically. This is because of the new features added by the update. The iPad 1 only has 256 MBs of RAM. The extra services and features added causes the iPad 1 to crash quite often, especially Safari. The best route of course, is to upgrade, but if you are like me, I find it a pure waste of natural resources to upgrade at every possible time, so I usually try and wait at least 4 versions before doing so. It is more eco-friendly.

To stop the iPad from continuously crashing and alleviate the slowness, you will need to disable some of the new features. Here is the list of features I disabled on my iPad 1 that solved the issue.

  • Disabled Settings-->Location Services on quite a few of the apps that I really did not need it turned on for. Definitely leave the Find My iPad turned on
  • Turned off the Settings-->General-->Multitasking Gestures
  • Turned off all of the Settings-->iCloud except for the Find My iPad
  • Under Settings-->Mail, Contacts, Calendars, I set Fetch New Data to Manually
  • Turned off Settings-->Messages, as that takes up a good amount of memory
  • Under Settings-->Photos, I turned off Photo Stream
  • Under Settings-->Store, I turned off Music, Apps, and Books
After making those changes, the iPad is almost back to normal. It is not going to completely correct it, as the apps written in updated code will most likely also cause it to slow down. 


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