20 February 2013

MDT: Renaming the Task Sequence ID

Once a task sequence has been created, it is grayed out not allowing for it to be changed. There is an easy workaround to accomplish this.

  1. Open up the TaskSequences.xml file. Search for the task sequence ID. Change that to your desired new name.
  2. Rename the subfolder named after the task sequence ID to the same name you changed it to inside the XML file in step 1.
That is all that is to renaming the task sequence ID.

NOTE: Before you do this, I would first backup the control directory. Changes to files in this directory can disable the entire MDT.



  1. Appreciate this ρost. Will try it out.

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  2. Cheers, worked a treat x

  3. Doesn't appear to work in MDT 2013 - Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper crashes.. (Windows 8.1 Deployment)