17 February 2013

SMS 2003: Deploying apps from a network share

You have software already on a network share and want to deploy it to everyone within the local network. You don't have to waste time and space, especially if it is an enormous application, by populating the distribution point. You can deploy it directly from the network share through SMS.

The first step to do this is to create the package. There will be no data source, so all you have to do is populate the General Tab for informational purposes. Next, you will click on the programs and create a new program. In the General Tab, you will enter the command line to execute the installation. The start in field is what points the package to the network share that contains the installation package. Under the Environment Tab, you will need to select Whether or Not a user is logged on, click Run with Administrative Rights, and select Use Software Installation Account. You can now setup the Collection and Advertisement. That is all that is to setting up an SMS package that can deploy from a network share, instead of its distribution point. I am now working with SCCM and will update this as I verify if this is also possible with SCCM. 


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