07 March 2013

MDT: Unable to locate the Results.xml file needed to determine the deployment results

This error can be caused by several different things. Here are a few suggestions to look for:

  1. Have you inserted a new task before the boot image is installed? If so, this can trigger the error. (This was my problem. I was testing a new task to move the computer in AD in the Preinstall phase. When I disabled the task, the task sequence proceeded with no issues)
  2. Regenerate all new WIM boot image files
  3. Create a new task sequence and see if it proceeds normally. If it does, then just copy your custom tasks from the corrupted sequence to the newly created one
  4. Has this occurred since upgrading the MDT? If so, do step 3.
If you have encountered this issue and know of some other cause or fix, please post it here and I will update the blog. Thanks


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