14 March 2013

Stopping system from locking

Most companies have a security policy enabled that locks a computer after a certain time interval to stop other users from being able to access the computer if the user forgets to lock the system when they step away. There are those times though that you need to prevent the system from locking for such things as a teleconference and you need to step away to the restroom. You will be booted from the teleconference if you lock your machine. Sometimes you may have a third-party vendor that, due to security reasons, has to remote in through your terminal in order to access servers for maintenance.

I wrote this program that will move the mouse cursor 6 places on the screen every two minutes and then clicks the control key. The executable is a wrapper that extracts the two Powershell scripts. The first script calls the script that actually moves the cursor, while the first script displays an OK button on the screen to click when you are finished. The executable wrapper then cleans up the Powershell scripts after OK is clicked. The executable was compiled using the old SMS installer.

Here are the three files. The executable contains the two Powershell scripts. It extracts them to the current directory and then executes them.



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