03 April 2013

SCCM: SMS Functions missing in SCCM

As you have seen, a lot of the functions in SMS are now longer there in SCCM. For instance, you used to be able to re-run and advertisement on a specific machine. That is no longer there. There is a way to get the functions back. SCCM Client Center is a great alternative. It is a third-party client that gives back that functionality missing in SCCM. I highly recommend it. Here are just a few things it provides:

  • WMI Repair
  • Resizing the local SCCM cache
  • Shutdown/Restart/Logoff
  • Access both SCCM and system logs
  • Re-run advertisements
  • List all advertisements on the machine
  • Monitor SCCM Jobs currently running
  • Download User Policy
There are many more functions this provides. The application can be found here


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