03 October 2014

Windows Reboot Verification Script

The firm I work for does a weekly reboot. As we revamped our SCCM and AD, it was time to revisit the reboot process. I decided to use PowerShell in conjunction with SCCM to handle this process. To make the process easier to maintain and verify, I split it into two parts. There is the reboot script and the verification script. The reboot script creates an empty log file called NotRebooted.log and reboots the PC. It also deletes any file that is from the previous successful reboot. The verification script looks for the NotRebooted.log file and renames it to Rebooted--02-Oct-2014.log for instance. The filename tells that it was rebooted and the date it happened. This provides for an easy verification without having to search through the event viewer logs. To set this up in SCCM, I created two deployments, Reboot and RebootVerify. I setup RebootVerify to run Reboot first. Of course the Reboot is also set to look for a reboot by the program and not SCCM. That is all that is to doing this. IMO, this makes it much easier to track reboots, at least it has here where I work.

Here are the links to download the scripts:



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