11 December 2014

Uninstall All Printers

Recently, we upgraded our print servers and needed to reinstall all of the printers. This script will uninstall all printers. I deployed this script out and had it run as the user and a GPO reinstalled the printer with the new network location.

You can download the script from here: UninstallPrinters.ps1

   Uninstall Printers  
   This script will uninstall all printers for a user  
 .PARAMETER <paramName>  
   <Description of script parameter>  
   powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file UninstallPrinters.ps1  
 $Printers = Get-WmiObject Win32_Printer  
 $EXE = $env:windir + "\system32\printui.exe"  
 $PrintUI = "/dn /n "  
 Foreach ($Printer in $Printers) {  
      If ($Printer.ShareName -ne $null) {  
           Write-Host "Uninstall"$Printer.ShareName"....." -NoNewline  
           $Parameters = $PrintUI + [char]34+ $Printer.Name + [char]34  
           $ErrCode = (Start-Process -FilePath $EXE -ArgumentList $Parameters -Wait -Passthru).ExitCode  
           If ($ErrCode -eq 0) {  
                Write-Host "Success" -ForegroundColor Yellow  
           } else {  
                Write-Host "Failed" -ForegroundColor Red  


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