12 February 2015

List of Installed Updates

This script will generate a clean list of Microsoft updates that were installed during a system build, making it drastically easier than having to parse through the log file. You open the powershell script up and update the $File variable to point to the location of the BDD.log file.

You can download the script from here.

   Produce list of newly installed windows updates  
   Reads BDD.log file from a build and extracts the list of new updates  
   that were applied.  
   Mick Pletcher  
   12 February 2015  
   powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file UpdateList.ps1  
 $File = Get-Content -Path "C:\Users\Mick\Desktop\BDD.log" -Force  
 Foreach ($Entry in $File) {  
      If (($Entry -like '*INSTALL - *') -and ($Entry -like '*ZTIWindowsUpdate*')) {  
           #Write-Host $Entry  
           $SplitLine = $Entry.Split('KB')  
           $Update = $SplitLine[2]  
           $Update = $Update.Split(')')  
           $Update = $Update.Split('(')  
           Write-Host "KB"$Update[0]  
 Remove-Variable -Name Entry -Force  
 Remove-Variable -Name File -Force  
 Remove-Variable -Name Update -Force  


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