06 April 2015

Get Default Printer

This script will find the default printer of a logged on user and write it to a text file named DefaultPrinter.txt in the %APPDATA% folder. I have this script run as a package in SCCM on a reoccurring weekly basis. This keeps the file up to date in the event a user needs a new machine or a new profile.

You can download the file from here: GetDefaultPrinter.ps1

   Get Default Printer  
   Gets the default printer and writes the printer to a text file in the %APPDATA% folder. If  
   this is executed through SCCM, it must be run as the user.  
   Mick Pletcher  
   06 April 2015  
   powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file GetDefaultPrinter.ps1  
 #Declare Global Variables  
 Set-Variable -Name DefaultPrinter -Scope Global -Force  
 If ((Test-Path $env:APPDATA"\DefaultPrinter.txt") -eq $true) {  
      Remove-Item -Path $env:APPDATA"\DefaultPrinter.txt" -Force  
 $DefaultPrinter = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_printer -ComputerName "localhost" -Filter "Default='true'" | Select-Object ShareName  
 Write-Host "Default Printer: " -NoNewline  
 If ($DefaultPrinter.ShareName -ne $null) {  
      $DefaultPrinter.ShareName | Out-File -FilePath $env:APPDATA"\DefaultPrinter.txt" -Force -Encoding "ASCII"  
      Write-Host $DefaultPrinter.ShareName  
 } else {  
      $DefaultPrinter = "No Default Printer"  
      $DefaultPrinter | Out-File -FilePath $env:APPDATA"\DefaultPrinter.txt" -Force -Encoding "ASCII"  
      Write-Host $DefaultPrinter  
 #Cleanup Global Variables  
 Remove-Variable -Name DefaultPrinter -Scope Global -Force  


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