14 April 2015

Move PowerShell console during script execution

I heavily use PowerShell during the SCCM imaging process for installing each application. There are often times that I will watch the build to make sure everything is working correctly. When it calls a task sequence which calls a PowerShell script, the script will often open up in the top left of the screen and is covered up by the build status window. This function and the AutoIT script will allow for the console window to be moved while the script is executing. This does require executing the AutoIT script from the powershell script. There have been other methods shown for doing this, but from what I have seen, they are far more cumbersome.

AutoIT Script
 $WindowName = $CmdLine[1]  
 If WinExists($WindowName) Then  
      $aWinGetPos = WinGetPos($WindowName)  
      $Y = (@DesktopHeight / 2) - ($aWinGetPos[2] / 3)  
      $X = (@DesktopWidth / 2) - ($aWinGetPos[3] / 1)  
      WinMove($WindowName, "", $X, $Y)  

PowerShell Function
 function MoveConsoleWindow {  
      $WindowName = $Host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle  
      start-process -filepath "\\FileShare\MovePowerShellWindow\CenterPowerShellWindow.exe" -argumentlist $WindowName  


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