20 February 2018

Mozilla Firefox Installer and Uninstaller

As we all know, Mozilla Firefox is not the easiest application to deal with when it comes to deploying it in an enterprise environment. I have finally taken the time to write a PowerShell script that will install it using the executable provided by Mozilla.

This installer will kill all instances of firefox, execute the uninstaller helper file, and then delete the programdata folder. Next, it will run the Firefox installer, create the autoconfig file and the Mozilla config file. The autoconfig.js file will point firefox to the mozilla.js file. I have written the script, so it creates and injects the configuration information within the CFG files. If you do not want this, you can comment out the New-AutoConfigFile and New-MozillaConfig lines. I also created a Configuration.ini file to configure the desktop shortcut during the installation.

Also, we still have some 32-bit machines, so I set up the script and file structure as shown below with the individual executable in the appropriate architecture folder.

Here are the links to the GitHub site:



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