23 April 2018

Oracle Java Runtime Installer

As often as Java must be updated, I wanted to have an auto installer that would make the update a breeze. The way this installer has been written is it will first determine if the system is x86 or x64. At that point, it will uninstall the old version first and then install the x86  if the system is 32-bit, or it will install the x86 and x64 versions if the system is 64-bit. The parameters are the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions so you can define the parameters once.

When a new version is released, all you need to do is swap out the installer executables and update the package in SCCM. The script will find the appropriate executable associated the architecture, as Oracle includes the architecture within the filename.

You can download and view the installer code from my GitHub site.



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