14 June 2018

How to Remove Bulk Facebook Profile Content

Here is a video guide on how to remove bulk Facebook content from your Facebook profile. Some will just say to delete the profile and create a new one. That can be rather troublesome, especially if you have a lot of Facebook contacts and/or are well known in certain areas of expertise. In the video, I go through the easiest way I found to delete Facebook posts and likes. My video includes several gotchas in the process, along with how the Chrome add-in works. I also include valid reasons why you might want to clean up the profile.

Reasons for removing bulk Facebook content:

  • International travel where certain posts may be illegal in other countries
  • A potential employer may want to look at your Facebook profile
  • You broke up with someone and want all associated content deleted
  • You are applying to colleges and are concerned they may look at your Facebook content that may have an impact on admissions
Here are some links that pertain to some of the content of the video:



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