19 July 2018

Accessing MDT and SCCM Task Sequence Variables

While rewriting a PowerShell automation script to move machines in Active Directory, I had been trying to pass the MachineObjectOU task sequence variable to the PowerShell script within the command line task sequence. It constantly failed. I finally put in a cmd.exe task sequence to pause the build and allow me to interact directly with the task sequence. What I found out is that MDT and SCCM task sequence variables from a build process can only be accessed under the administrator account. In the screenshot below, the command line on the top is what was launched by the task sequence with no specified account credentials. The command line at the bottom was opened using domain admin credentials. As you can see, the command line on the top was able to access the task sequence variable, whereas the one on the bottom was not. If a task sequence uses any other account, task sequence variables are null. 



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