01 February 2019

Deploying Ping Automated Timekeeping for Lawyers

This application is straightforward to deploy. The PowerShell script below will kill all processes associated with Microsoft Office. Ping requires closing Outlook, but I have seen in the past where other Office apps can also interfere by keeping a component of Outlook open, so to be on the safe side, I included closing the entire suite, along with closing Ping if it is already installed.

I designed the script to first kill the necessary processes. Next, it will search for previously installed versions of Ping and uninstall them. I include this for two reasons. First, if the application is installed, but is busted, rerunning the installer will uninstall it and reinstall it as a fix. A lot of times, it is much faster to do this than to go through an entire session of troubleshooting that often comes back to this. Second, if there is an upgrade, this will uninstall the old version. The uninstaller is designed to be able to query the add/remove programs in the registry for an application that matches the name used. Next, the two Ping components are installed. I have also included the uninstaller, which is the same script without the two application installs. 

You can download both from my GitHub site by clicking on the links below:


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