11 June 2019

Fixing Do you want to run this file? during SCCM Deployment

Over the past two months, I deployed the Windows 10 1809 to all Windows 10 machines. We got through 80% of the machines with successful deployments until we reached those last 20% where they did not have enough disk space for both downloading the package and installing it. The package and install require roughly 15 gigs of space, 5 gigs for the package and 10 gigs for the installation.

We changed the distribution points option to run the program from the distribution point to drop down the 15 gig requirement to 10 gigs, which also significantly reduced the number of machines without enough space.

Once we made that change, systems started getting the message shown below. This caused the package to stall since there was no one to click run.

To get around this issue, we added the FQDN of each distribution point to the intranet trusted sites via GPO. The FQDN is added like shown here: \\<SCCMServer.contoso.com>\ and set as security zone 1. This fixed that issue. 


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