21 August 2019

Extract SCCM WIM from ISO and Configure for WDS via PowerShell

One issue, more like a time-waster, I have had as we are migrating to SCCM from MDT is getting the boot image on the WDS server. SCCM is not configured to manage WDS because we use it for other things, so we manually upload the WIM. SCCM creates an ISO that needs to be mounted to extract the WIM for WDS. Thanks to this blog post, it is explained. I wanted the steps automated, so I wrote the following PowerShell script that will perform all of the steps needed to extract and configure the WIM.

To use this, populate the full file name in the $File variable. The script will do the rest. It is documented throughout the script so that it is easy to follow. You can download the script from my GitHub site.



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