08 August 2019

Verifying SCCM package has updated the content on the distribution point

One of the things I have wrestled with over the years of using SCCM is verifying if the package on the distribution point contains the new content after updating the distribution point(s). I have typically seen that if there is a minor change, such as maybe a line of two of code changed in a PowerShell installer script, it doesn't get updated the first time around.

While working on the migration of the imaging process from MDT to SCCM, it occurred to me that there is a way to verify. I have typically run the update distribution points at least twice to make sure they all got updated. The easy way to verify is to set up a package share in the properties as shown below.

Now you can watch the package located at \\<SCCM Server Name>\<Share name> to see if the changes take place. They will change in real-time as soon as SCCM updates it. If you are in a testing phase and are having to update the distribution point(s) a lot like I am right now, this is a good way to test after each update.

NOTE: There still is not a way to do this with application deployments. It would be nice if the share option was added there! 


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