14 November 2019

Posting to Multiple Facebook Groups

I publish new blog postings to multiple Facebook groups regularly. It can be daunting if there are a lot of groups. Although there are several online options, there is a Google Chrome extension called Toolkit for Facebook that is fabulous. It lets you post to multiple groups while being able to designate a random delay in between posting so you don't go to Facebook jail. 

Recently, the extension was pulled from the Chrome Store and is now only available on the website. I cannot get Chrome to accept the extension from the site, so I ended up going to an old machine of mine and copying the extension directory and importing it into my new Chrome browser. It works great. 

As shown below, I enabled developer mode, clicked load unpacked, and then selected the directory where the zip file was exploded to that contains the extension. I did have to close out the browser and reopen it afterward for the extension to appear. The extension can be downloaded from my box account located here


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