19 May 2020

Using PowerShell to list Zerto Unprotected Systems

This script will connect to the Zerto server and retrieve a list of systems that Zerto is not backing up. The script has been written so that it can function in the Azure Automation or Orchestrator environment. It can also be used as a scheduled task or executed manually. It excludes desktop operating systems.

You will need to install both the activedirectory and zertoapiwrapper modules before using this script.

You can download the script from my GitHub site.

           Unprotected Systems Report  
           This script will retrieve a list of systems from the Zerto server that are not being backed up. Desktop operating systems and systems not in AD are excluded, as Zerto is typically used for server backup.  
           Created with:    SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., PowerShell Studio 2017 v5.4.142  
           Created on:      5/19/2020 5:24 PM  
           Created by:      Mick Pletcher  
           Filename:        ZertoUnprotectedSystems.ps1  
 param ()  
 Import-Module -Name zertoapiwrapper  
 Import-Module -Name activedirectory  
 $Cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ("domain\username", $password)  
 Connect-ZertoServer -zertoServer prodzerto.wallerlaw.int -credential $Cred  
 $List = (Get-ZertoUnprotectedVm).VmName | Sort-Object  
 $UnprotectedServers = @()  
 Foreach ($System in $List) {  
   Try {  
     $ADComputer = Get-ADComputer $System -Properties OperatingSystem  
     If (($ADComputer.OperatingSystem -notlike '*Windows 7 Enterprise') -and ($ADComputer.OperatingSystem -notlike '*Windows 10 Enterprise')) {  
       $UnprotectedServers += $System  
   } catch {  
 #Use this if the script is being used in Azure Automation or Orchestrator  
 Write-Output $UnprotectedServers  
 #Use this if the script is being executed manually, or as a scheduled task.   
 #Send-MailMessage -From '' -To '' -Subject 'Zerto Unprotected Servers' -Body ($UnprotectedServers | Out-String) -Priority High -SmtpServer ''  


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