21 August 2020

Deleting the Windows 10 Recovery Partition

We use VMWare for our servers and sometimes virtualized desktops. One of the issues we ran into was expanding the disk space on a virtual machine. When disk space was added, the C: drive could not be expanded because of the reserve drive "being in the way". The additional space would have to be made into a separate drive.

To fix this issue, I deleted the Windows 10 recovery partition, which on all of our builds is the fourth partition. Our VMWare virtual machines are backed up in real-time, thereby doing away with the need for the recovery drive  It is important to go into diskpart and make sure your machines are built and configured like ours. This will not work if they are not. The picture below is how all of our systems are partitioned during the build process. I have integrated the PowerShell one-liner below as a task sequence to run 

The following PowerShell one-liner will delete the partition 4.

 Remove-Partition -DiskNumber ((Get-Disk).Number) -PartitionNumber ((Get-Partition -DiskNumber ((Get-Disk).Number) | Where-Object {$_.Type -eq 'Recovery'}).PartitionNumber) -PassThru -Confirm:$false  


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