14 May 2012

Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous Version Uninstaller Scripts

This script will uninstall all previous versions of Adobe Reader back to 4.x, thanks to this user's list of GUIDs that I took and expanded into a script. Some of the versions in there encompass all the previous versions before, so you won't see every single version listed. The reason for the direct uninstalls is because there have been issues with the Reader X uninstaller working correctly with previous versions, and leaving the old version present, along with installing Reader X. The are two reason I stopped at version 4.x: 1) The firm I work for is in the process of refreshing all machines to Windows 7, which will do away with all previous older versions of Reader, and 2) 4.x is the furthest back where a simple command line can be run with the available uninstaller present on the OS to zip through it if it is not installed. The last thing the script will do is enable automatic updates.

As you can see in the installation portion, I included a transform file. When you download the installation executable from Adobe, you can use 7-Zip to open it up and extract all of the files out for an easier installation and customization using the Adobe Customization Wizard.

NOTE: I am not sure why this occurs, but sometimes the registry key was not set on some machines. The ensure it got set, I created a .reg file with the key and put it into the .ipf file that I use to wrap around the VBScript. I normally use .ipf files to execute the VBScript file that gives evidence of when the script is actually running. Plus, it makes it easier to use executables with MDT/SMS/SCCM.

Here is a copy of the script available for download.

 '     Program: InstallReaderX.vbs  
 '      Author: Mick Pletcher  
 '        Date: 11 May 2012  
 '    Modified:   
 '     Program: Adobe Reader  
 '     Version: X  
 ' Description: This will install   
 '                 1) Define the relative installation path  
 '                 2) Create the Log Folder  
 '                 3) Uninstall Previous Versions  
 '                 4) Install Current Version  
 '                 5) Configure Automatic Update  
 '                 6) Cleanup Global Variables  
 Option Explicit  

 REM Define Constants  
 CONST TempFolder    = "c:\temp\"  
 CONST LogFolderName = "ReaderX"  

 REM Define Global Variables  
 DIM Architecture : Set Architecture = Nothing  
 DIM LogFolder    : LogFolder        = TempFolder & LogFolderName & "\"  
 DIM RelativePath : Set RelativePath = Nothing  

 REM Define the relative installation path  
 REM Determine Architecture  
 REM Create the Log Folder  
 REM Uninstall Previous Version  
 REM Install Current Version  
 REM Configure Automatic Update  
 REM Cleanup Global Variables  

 Sub DefineRelativePath()  

      REM Get File Name with full relative path  
      RelativePath = WScript.ScriptFullName  
      REM Remove file name, leaving relative path only  
      RelativePath = Left(RelativePath, InStrRev(RelativePath, "\"))  

 End Sub  


 Sub DetermineArchitecture()  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM WshShell : Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")  

      REM Define Local Variables  
      DIM OsType : OsType = WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE")  

      If OsType = "x86" then  
           Architecture = "x86"  
      elseif OsType = "AMD64" then  
           Architecture = "x64"  
      end if  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set WshShell = Nothing  
      Set OsType   = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub CreateLogFolder()  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM FSO : Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  

      If NOT FSO.FolderExists(TempFolder) then  
      End If  
      If NOT FSO.FolderExists(LogFolder) then  
      End If  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set FSO = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub Uninstall()  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM oShell : SET oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")  

      REM Define Local Variables  
      DIM Parameters      : Parameters      = Chr(32) & "/qb- /norestart"  
      DIM Uninstall4x     : Uninstall4x     = "C:\WINDOWS\IsUninst.exe -a -f" & Chr(34) &_  
                                              "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\NT\Uninst.isu" &_  
                                              Chr(34) & Chr(32) & "-c" & Chr(34) &_  
                                              "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\NT\Uninst.dll" & Chr(34)  
      DIM Uninstall5x     : Uninstall5x     = "C:\WINDOWS\IsUninst.exe -a -f" & Chr(34) &_  
                                              "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\NT\Uninst.isu" &_  
                                              Chr(34) & Chr(32) & "-c" & Chr(34) &_  
                                              "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\NT\Uninst.dll" & Chr(34)  
      DIM Uninstall60     : Uninstall60     = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-000000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall601    : Uninstall601    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A00000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall602    : Uninstall602    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-0000-0000-0000-6028747ADE01}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall603    : Uninstall603    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-0000-7EC8-7489-000000000603}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall604    : Uninstall604    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-0000-7EC8-7489-000000000604}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall605    : Uninstall605    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-0000-7EC8-7489-000000000605}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall606    : Uninstall606    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-0000-7EC8-7489-000000000606}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall705    : Uninstall705    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70500000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall707    : Uninstall707    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70700000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall708    : Uninstall708    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70800000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall709    : Uninstall709    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A70900000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall71x    : Uninstall71x    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A71000000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall8DICT1 : Uninstall8DICT1 = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-5464-3428-800000000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall8DICT2 : Uninstall8DICT2 = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-5464-3428-800000000004}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall80     : Uninstall80     = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A80000000002}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall81x    : Uninstall81x    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81000000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall811    : Uninstall811    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81100000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall812    : Uninstall812    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81200000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall812U   : Uninstall812U   = "msiexec.exe /x {6846389C-BAC0-4374-808E-B120F86AF5D7}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall81xx   : Uninstall81xx   = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81300000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall82x    : Uninstall82x    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A82000000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall830    : Uninstall830    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A83000000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall9DICT  : Uninstall9DICT  = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-5464-3428-900000000004}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall91x    : Uninstall91x    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81000000003}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall920    : Uninstall920    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A92000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall93x    : Uninstall93x    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A93000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall940    : Uninstall940    = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A94000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM UninstallXDICT  : UninstallXDICT  = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-5464-3428-A00000000004}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall1000   : Uninstall1000   = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AA0000000001}" & Parameters  
      DIM Uninstall101x   : Uninstall101x   = "msiexec.exe /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AA1000000001}" & Parameters  

     'oShell.Run Uninstall4x,     1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall60,     1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall601,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall602,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall603,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall604,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall605,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall606,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall705,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall707,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall708,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall709,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall71x,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall8DICT1, 1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall8DICT2, 1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall80,     1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall81x,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall811,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall812,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall812U,   1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall81xx,   1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall82x,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall830,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall9DICT,  1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall91x,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall920,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall93x,    1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall940,    1, True  
      oShell.Run UninstallXDICT,  1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall1000,   1, True  
      oShell.Run Uninstall101x,   1, True  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set oShell          = Nothing  
      Set Parameters      = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall4x     = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall60     = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall601    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall602    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall603    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall604    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall605    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall606    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall705    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall707    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall708    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall709    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall71x    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall8DICT1 = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall8DICT2 = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall80     = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall81x    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall811    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall812    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall812U   = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall81xx   = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall82x    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall830    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall9DICT  = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall91x    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall920    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall93x    = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall940    = Nothing  
      Set UninstallXDICT  = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall1000   = Nothing  
      Set Uninstall101x   = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub Install()
      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM oShell : SET oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")  

      REM Define Local Variables  
      DIM MSI        : MSI        = Chr(32) & RelativePath & "AcroRead.msi"  
      DIM Logs       : Logs       = Chr(32) & "/lvx" & Chr(32) & LogFolder & LogFolderName & ".log"  
      DIM Transforms : Transforms = Chr(32) & "TRANSFORMS=" & RelativePath & "Transform.mst"  
      DIM Parameters : Parameters = Chr(32) & "/qb- /norestart"  
      DIM InstallX   : InstallX   = "msiexec.exe /i" & MSI & Transforms & Logs & Parameters  

      oShell.Run InstallX, 1, True  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set InstallX   = Nothing  
      Set Logs       = Nothing  
      Set MSI        = Nothing  
      Set oShell     = Nothing  
      Set Parameters = Nothing  
      Set Transforms = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub AutoUpdate()  

      REM Define Local Constants  
      CONST HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002  

      REM Define Local Objects  
      DIM oReg              : Set oReg          = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" &_  
                                                  strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")  
      DIM oShell            : SET oShell        = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")  
      DIM strKeyPath_x86    : strKeyPath_x86    = "SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM"  
      DIM strKeyPath_x64    : strKeyPath_x64    = "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM"  
      DIM strDWORDValueName : strDWORDValueName = "iCheckReader"  
      DIM dwValue           : dwValue           = "3"  

      If Architecture = "x86" then  
           oReg.DeleteValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath_x86,strDWORDValueName  
           oReg.SetDWORDValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath_x86,strDWORDValueName,dwValue  
           'oShell.regwrite "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM\iCheckReader", 3, "REG_DWORD"  
           oReg.DeleteValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath_x64,strDWORDValueName  
           oReg.SetDWORDValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath_x64,strDWORDValueName,dwValue  
           'oShell.regwrite "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe ARM\1.0\ARM\iCheckReader", 3, "REG_DWORD"  
      End If  

      REM Cleanup Local Variables  
      Set dwValue           = Nothing  
      Set oReg              = Nothing  
      Set oShell            = Nothing  
      Set strDWORDValueName = Nothing  
      Set strKeyPath_x86    = Nothing  
      Set strKeyPath_x64    = Nothing  

 End Sub  


 Sub GlobalVariableCleanup()  

      Set LogFolder    = Nothing  
      Set RelativePath = Nothing  

 End Sub  


  1. Hi,

    1) Deinstalliert Acrobat Reader automatisch alte Versionen...

    2) ... deshalb fällt es auch nicht auf, wenn man Fehler drin hat ;) -- zb. Uninstall91x ist der von 81 hinterlegt.

  2. Hi nochmal,

    ich habe die GUID für SCCM/Patchmanagement benötigt, um zu erkennen, ob Acrobat Reader auf dem System überhaupt installiert ist. Da Acrobat Reader X vorherige Versionen entfernt bin ich der Meinung, dass das .vbs nur bedingt nützlich ist. Auch ist es nur für englisch und hat wie gesagt bei 9.1 einen Fehler und es fehlt auch ein bisschen was. Auch würde ich eine Loop über alle GUID machen, statt 20 variablen.

    Ich habe bei Adobe geschaut, welche Full-Installer und welche Full-Installer (incl. MSP) publiziert wurden.

    Hier eine aktualisiertere Liste (bei uns kommt En/De auf den Systemen vor):

    German Reader:
    {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-A00000000001} //v6
    {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-A70000000000} //v7
    {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-A70500000002} //v7.0.5
    {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-AA0000000001} //v10.0.0
    {AC76BA86-7AD7-1031-7B44-AA1000000001} //v10.1.0