23 April 2013

SCCM: Deploying from a Network Share

Sometimes you need to deploy from a network share instead of a distribution point. The reason I do this sometimes is because of the sheer size of some installations. For instance, Autodesk Revit 2013 Building Premium is 26 gigabytes. Transferring that across a WAN will take a LONG time. We do maintain network shares in our offices that we update once a month, which contains all of our installation programs.

To start, you will want to create your Application install. You will want to leave the content location blank. Fill in the Installation program and Uninstall Program fields with the command line parameters. For the Installation Start In and Uninstall Start In fields, enter the network share location of the application install. You do not want to distribute the content to a distribution point, as there is no need since the package will be pointing to a network share. When you deploy it, uncheck the Automatically distribute content for dependencies and do not specify any distribution points. That is all that is to deploying via a network share. 


  1. But such content can not be Deployed, as Configuration Manager during Deploy wizard complains that "Select a distribution point or distribution point group" and does not allow to proceed

  2. Just to clarify, this to install an Application & and not a Package?
    If an application I'm assuming you need to configure a clause or script to detect if the application exists already on the computer?

    1. It was to install an application and there was a script that detected if the application was installed or not.