22 April 2013

SCCM: Distribution point won't update because of minor changes

When you make a minor change to an installer program, the change may not update in SCCM/SMS. This is because if there was a minor change within the script and there is no size difference, SCCM will think it is the same. It is possible to completely update the distribution point with a new package source, but an issue arises if you had already run the package on machines and had set it to download the package first. The changes can be seen as the same that is on the distribution point and the local machine, therefore the changes are not pushed down. There are two options in this scenario. First is to clear out the local caches on the target machines. This will force SCCM/SMS to redownload the newer package. The second is to delete the package and recreate it so that a new version is created on the distribution points that does not match the version downloaded on the local machines. This causes the package to be re-downloaded to the local machines, thereby pushing the new changes. 


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