09 April 2013

Unlimited International Calling back to the US for $9.95

Last August and September, I was in Africa. While there, I called and texted back to the US using a Voice over IP service called Line2. It is an app that works on the iPhone, iPad, or Android. All I can say is that it was great. I used it while connected to WiFi routers. One of the big things I liked about it was that I did not have to treat the calls as international. When I called back to Nashville, TN from Johannesburg, South Africa, I just dialed 615-xxx-xxxx. There was some lag, but the calls were still good quality.

  • Local calling back to the US
  • Flat rate of $9.95
  • Good reception
  • No international calling prefixes
The app also works through a 3G/4G connection on the phone, but I did not want to have to bother with and internation SIM card, pricing, and such.


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