18 September 2017

Retrieving all Files off of the SpaceMonkey, Now the Vivint Smart Drive

I purchased the SpaceMonkey back when it first came out. It has been a so-so NAS device that also backed up to the cloud. Vivint bought them out and I ran into real problems when the HDD had failed on the device and the cloud backup was lost during the transition to Vivint. Luckily, I overnighted it to them and they were able to retrieve all contents and back it up to the Vivint drive.

Recently, Vivint changed how the drive works and abandoned the tool that you install. They decided to go all web based on retrieving your files. I contacted them and they verified the tool is no longer available to download. This is not good because I have a LOT of files on the SpaceMonkey that are enormous. As you might know, browser downloading is not dependable for very large files. I have some files that are tens of gigabytes in size. Supposedly the drive detects if your browser and the smart drive are on the same network. If so, it is supposed to work flawlessly and download directly from the device to your machine. Browser downloading typically fails after a few gigabytes, so no, it has not been flawless. In fact, downloading several gigs worth of pictures from different trips was a hit or miss thing. Some would not download correctly and were corrupted. Luckily, my wife's old computer was resurrected and it had the Spacemonkey tool installed. The tool still works with the Vivint drive. It maps the drive to your machine to allow for robocopy to be used. Since they have removed it from their site, you can download it from my GitHub site located here.



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